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Unveiling #SeeingTheUnseen Campaign through content planner’s POV.

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Risqi Rosmalawati, one of the masterminds of the #SeeingTheUnseen campaign, has shared the story behind why they prompted this campaign.

From one’s anxiety transformed into something inspiring for fellow mental health survivors with the #SeeingTheUnseen campaign on TikTok in 2022, planned meticulously and executed beautifully by a talented creativeteam from Hakuhodo Digital Indonesia. Their thorough use of tech to help others earned the campaign the 35th Citra Pariwara Cup in the Innovative Use of Technology category.

A successful night for the team behind #SeeingtTeUnseen as they receive the award for the Innovative Use of Technology category at the 35th Citra Pariwara awarding night

What prompted the #SeeingTheUnseen campaign?

Risqi Rosmalawati or known as Kiki, one of the content planners behind the entire campaign, offers us her perspective on the story behind #SeeingTheUnseen. In her role as the Content Planner Manager at Hakuhodo Digital, responsible for the campaign, she unveils that the idea for the 'initiative project' originated from one of the team members' apprehension about mental illness.

"Amidst the prevalent mental illness issues in Indonesia after years of the COVID-19 pandemic, stigma still prevails in society. To educate people about it, we tried to find a way."

Compiled from the needs stemming from anxiety, the #SeeingTheUnseen movement encompasses ideas, strategies, and plans to shift people's perspectives from fear to beauty. This goal is embodied in the campaign's unique batik motive, a hallmark of Indonesian culture.

Were there any obstacles during the #SeeingTheUnseen campaign planning process?

Despite the endearing and complex preparation process, the #SeeingTheUnseen campaign was planned smoothly with no major obstacles that could have disrupted the timeline, according to Kiki. She also mentioned that the submission of ideas from both internal and external parties was seamless.

"I would not be more grateful for working at Hakuhodo Digital because they support everyone's ideas. And how the 'sei-katsu-sha', as a signature that has been applied to not only external but also internal parties.”

The journey of the #SeeingTheUnseen campaign started with the drawing board, followed by several weeks of planning. Along with consulting with technology experts, Kiki and the other team members also spoke to mental health survivors to hear their stories and struggles. These personal accounts helped shape the campaign, which aimed to change people's perspectives on mental illness.

Hold on, what is ‘sei-katsu-sha'?

Kiki went on to explain more about Hakuhodo Digital's (HD) principles of 'sei-katsu-sha'.

“We make it our mission to truly understand our clients and provide them with the most value possible, and that's exactly what HD does for us as employees. Whenever we have an idea that can add value to HD, they are always there to support us without hesitation.”

Sei-katsu-sha, which means “living person,” stands in contrast to the word Japanese marketers typically use for consumer, shohisha. “Sei-katsu-sha” expresses the holistic person—an individual with a lifestyle, aspirations and dreams, it is the core of thinking and strategies behind Hakuhodo work philosophy.

Kiki emphasizes the immense importance of working with data. She compares the role of data to that of a guiding light for the planning team, which ultimately leads to the creation of an output that meets the client's expectations. From the initial planning stages to the creative team's execution, data plays a crucial role in ensuring the campaign's success.

Besides the 'sei-katsu-sha' signature, what sets HD apart is its awesome team. Kiki thinks that not every digital agency has a team as unique as HD's, with dedicated strategy and data teams as well as a content planner team. Those teams are the backbone of HD, making it stand out from the rest.

“The strategy and data teams not only provide valuable insights, but they also help in decision-making. While paying attention to your gut feelings matters, data can also assist in making informed decisions.”

How would you describe your daily job responsibilities? Kiki then explained what content planners do and why their role is important. She emphasized the need for content planners to understand and consider the perspectives of other team members. This is key in making sure everyone is on the same page and working towards the client's goals. Communication is key, and content planners need to be able to effectively communicate with the rest of the team.

“In my opinion, being a content planner is a pretty cool job. You need to have a strategic mindset and be able to see things from different angles, while also being empathetic to your teammates. Plus, you gotta deliver top-notch content, which takes real skill and dedication. It's a job that demands a lot, which makes it look super sexy in my book!”

Are you curious to see how our team works? Reach out to us and let's explore the possibilities!


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